Create Augmented Reality Apps with Remote Multiplayer

Cross-play remote AR.
Compatible with every AR device.
Works with ARCore, ARKit, ARFoundation

Remote Multiplayer AR Explained

Let's build together!

Using the tech you can build apps where

Your users can be everywhere and see exactly the same AR

Content is tightly connected with any physical environment

Each session is unique for your users. Environment becomes the core mechanic

No specific knowledge in AR or multiplayer required.
Just integrate the tech in your project.

Our tech analyzes users physical environments and creates a virtual space for their remote interaction

The tech extacts features in users environments

You can match players based on similarity of their environments

The tech merges environemnts to create a shared virtual space

Now users can interact in a shared AR being anywhere



Build iOS and Android remote AR. Works with Unity ARFoundation, based on ARKit and ARCore


Users are matched based on similarity of their environments. You can add your own parameters

Sync and async games

Choose between async and turn-based games

Surface merging

The tech merges environments and creates a shared vurtial scene. The scene can be expanded and edited in realtime

Scalable server solutions

Don't worry about high load - game servers scale automatically. You can host on any providers


Build any type of a room based game

Start building remote AR with ARnDAI

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